We Can’t Build Houses on Weak Foundations: Show love to your feet

TDB Fitness Newsletter 2/21/2021

Conversations about fitness and wellness often neglect our feet. But our feet deserve better! Here are a couple trainer’s tips for showing your feet some more love.

Tip of the Week:

Foot care

We are born with perfect feet. But from the moment many of us start walking, we cram our feet into unnatural shapes every day. Whether it is for utility or fashion, the shoes we wear do a number on our feet. If you have ever played sports competitively, those cleats, skates, or ballet slippers likely made the problem even worse.

We’ve become so accustomed to it, you probably have foot pain without even realizing you have it. Once you start paying more attention to your feet however, it can be a game-changer for your fitness routine. Here are a few tips for taking better care of your feet:

  • Wear proper shoes. Get to know what your feet actually need when it comes to a shoe. Especially for your athletic shoes (I was randomly told by a massage therapist once that I have high arches. That information changed my life). With engaging in regular fitness, you want to upgrade your athletic shoes every 3-6 months.
  • Use insoles. You can find a wide range of insoles at a wide range of prices, depending on how custom you want to go. Insoles allow you to fit the shoes you already have better to your feet. They also extend the life of your athletic shoes.
  • Spend time using toe spacers.
  • Check out the video above for more!

If you have ever worn a new pair of shoes, you know what it feels like to break them in. You may not realize you are actually breaking your foot into wearing a new type of shoe as well. This puts unnatural pressure on your feet. Not to mention the amount many of us use our feet all day. Practice holistic self care by giving your feet more love. Your dogs will thank me!

Food for Thought:

Stop skipping rest days!

American society does not value rest. The American culture that has grown around our economic system typically rewards hard work. The “hustle” narrative dominates our pop culture. We love competition and honor those who work harder, and longer hours, than all others.

Values like these aren’t inherently harmful. However, without balance these values can mess with our priorities and turn us into perfectionists. Without balance, these values can lead us to engage in negative self talk that keeps us from resting. And rest is actually really good for us!

Your body needs rest just as much as it needs activity. Especially if you work out a lot! The workouts we do on Team Di Bella beat your body up. Literally, working out your muscles creates little tears in them. This is intentional; once we tear the muscle, it can build back stronger than before. However, if you never give your muscles the rest they need, they will never have the opportunity to rebuild. Does it feel too lazy to sit out your workout to watch TV on the couch? That’s fine! If it’s not restful for you, don’t do it. Think outside the box by getting creative with the way you use your time on rest days:

  • Active Rest Days: Just because it’s a rest day, doesn’t mean you have to sit still. Just intentionally plan your activity to be moderate on your rest days. For example, go on a hike or bike ride. Active rest days also provide you with the opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones that doesn’t center around a screen.
  • Self Care Days: Use rest days to engage in intentional care for your body that isn’t fitness related. Get good sleep, throw together some DIY spa services, stretch, ice your sore muscles, get a massage, etc.
  • Take a Mental Health Day: Rest days are a wonderful opportunity to check in with your mental health needs. Take the time you would usually spend working out that day and go to therapy instead. Or spend some time journalling or meditating. Ask yourself what emotional needs you have that are not being met, and what you or your loved ones could do to help you meet them.

Although the temptation to skip rest day is strong, don’t! Everything in nature rests. Rest is good for your brain, it’s good for your body, and it’s good for your mood. By allowing yourself to rest, you allow your body the time it needs to make the most authentic gains possible from your workout. Stop selling yourself short, and let your body rest!

Team Announcements

Happy Birthday Renea!

Tomorrow, 2/22, is Renea’s 30th birthday!

Referral Program

Refer your friends to TDB Fitness and receive a week of training 50% off.

All they have to do is give us your name when signing up for a new training package. (Receive one week of training at 50% off for each referral).

Dreams for the future

New community building opportunity, Team! Until we can meet in person, we would like to start a weekly Google Meet evening workout + happy hour. We will provide those who sign up with a Google Meet invite. We’ll do a 30 minute LIVE workout as a group (Renea too!). Then we’ll have a roughly 30 minute happy hour together afterwards (21+ only). We will put a poll in our Facebook Group to gauge interest and start talking about scheduling. DM or email if you have questions!

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