Love Your Body This Valentine’s Day: Drink enough water

TDB Fitness Newsletter 2/14/2021

Unless you put active thought into your daily water intake, you likely don’t drink enough water. Drinking water may not necessarily come to mind you we think about loving yourself. However, staying hydrated is quite the act of self love.

Water washes up on a beach on which "I (heart) you" is written in the sand.
Photo by Lea Khreiss on Unsplash

Tip of the Week: Staying hydrated

Vinnie has been bugging me about water consumption since when we started our fitness journey as a team almost a decade ago. Why? Well, I am a born snacker. I love snacks. I love salty snacks. I love sweet snacks. All kinds.

Snacking, however is really not that good for you. Well, healthy snacking is. Not the kind of snacking I love to do the most. So, when Vinnie and I decided positive mental and physical health were important to our lifestyle, I had to work on my snacking habits. That meant snacking less, and making better choices when I do snack.

The hitch is, I really like to eat. It’s like, one of my favorite activities. My siblings and I have all danced while eating since we were in high chairs. Hungry or not, I get joy out of eating. And I love my comfort foods. Which also means I can tend to cop just a little bit of an attitude when I have to not eat exactly what I want, when I want.

Also, when we snack , it isn’t always when we’re hungry. People snack when they’re bored, when they’re stressed, when they’re sad, and, yes, when they’re dehydrated. So, for about the last decade, in certain moments when I’m scrounging around the kitchen for something terribly unhealthy to eat, Vinnie will gently say, “Drink your water.”

Internally I will fume, roll my eyes so hard I’m surprised they haven’t gotten stuck in the back of my head by now, and go fill up my water bottle. Because the worst part is, he’s right. I am usually just dehydrated. And drinking more water has made me feel much better, overall, than snacking on garbage all the time.

Check out the video above for a few tips on how to ensure adequate water consumption (and see the new logo!)

Food for Thought:

Getting back on the horse…

Has anyone else ever been really hard on themselves for missing a workout? What about if you “cheat” on your diet? I’ve had a bad habit of engaging in negative self talk for a long time. And I have the feeling I’m not alone.

Negative self talk is when we make judgements about ourselves being “bad” or “not good enough.” Negative self talk is when we automatically assume we won’t be good at something. When we beat ourselves up for missing a work out? Yep, that’s negative self talk too.

Holding a high standard for yourself can be a positive thing. But when we become unforgiving, our negative self talk can turn toxic to our growth in fitness, and as individuals. Negative self talk impacts our self esteem. It changes how we feel about ourselves because we approach our actions with a deficit mentality; meaning we are filtering out the positive and focusing on the negative. The whole point of working out in the first place is to feel good. If we engage in negative self talk, we are not making ourselves feel good. The negative thoughts won’t change the fact that we ate fast food, or slept in and decided not to work out, so what’s the point?

Essentially what we’re describing is engaging in distorted thinking. Distorted thoughts are terrible for our mental health. They are also habit forming. That means stopping ourselves from engaging in distorted thinking takes a lot of practice. We have to form all new habits! However, if we allow ourselves to notice when we’re engaging in negative self talk, and gently remind ourselves to stop, we will eventually make incredible progress towards better overall mental health. Focus your energy on getting the most out of your workout on the days you do have the motivation, and you’ll improve your physical health as well. And when we feel good, we look good!

Team Announcements

We’re on a roll!

In order to build on our work with mobility and holistic self care, we are starting a weekly Wednesday foam rolling workshop! Each weekly workshop will be roughly 15+ minutes. We will post a Youtube link in our TDBFitness Facebook group in addition to the Wednesday LIVE workout. Join us Wednesday 2/17/2021 at 8am for the first link drop. Need a foam roller? They’re available at most stores selling fitness equipment (or find one here if you would rather stay home).

Referral Program

Refer your friends to TDB Fitness and receive a week of training 50% off.

All they have to do is give us your name when signing up for a new training package. (Receive one week of training at 50% off for each referral).

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