Pushing Through the Mud to Blossom on the Other Side: Embracing failure as a necessary part of personal growth

Failure is never comfortable. However, it is a natural part of any growth process. Oftentimes, we let our fear of failure hold us back from growing in important ways. In this week’s newsletter we discuss how leaning into failure can actually improve our lives!

Fitness for Your Green Thumb: Why you should build a garden this spring

Have you ever considered growing a garden? With food prices rising this spring, now may be the time to give this hobby a try. Luckily, it’s good for you in a lot of ways!

Every Body can be a ‘Bikini Body:” Don’t let the body shamers win this summer

Not everyone has to feel comfortable in a bikini. However, if showing skin on the beach makes you feel good – you have the right to do it! The diet industry ramps up their marketing as the weather gets warm. In this week’s newsletter we remind you to listen to yourself first!

It’s About More than Washboard Abs: The all around benefits of core engagement

In this week’s newsletter we reframe our ideas about core fitness. How has our fitness industry shaped your relationship with your core?

Maybe Working Out isn’t What You Need Right Now: Exercise isn’t always the first step to getting fit

People often jump into working out as a solution to their mental and physical health problems. Although everyone needs physical activity, a workout routine is usually only one small piece of a healthy lifestyle.

Taking it One Step at a Time: Building new habits for personal growth

Have you ever had a goal you didn’t reach? When working towards a goal we often put pressure on ourselves to achieve too much too soon. Successful goal setting often comes with “chunking” the work into smaller goals, and taking it one step at a time.

Thinking Outside the Fitness Box: We don’t always have to work out in order to get exercise

When you think of exercise, what comes to mind? There are many ways you can satisfy your body’s need for physical activity. If stereotypical “fitness” isn’t always doing it for you – don’t be afraid to think outside the box! See this week’s trainer’s tips for ideas to get you started.

Love Yourself All Year Long: Surviving seasonal depression

Do you often notice mood changes during the winter months?Seasonal affective disorder, or seasonal depression, is a reality for many at this time of year. See this week’s trainer’s tips for how to take care of yourself until Spring.

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint: Getting back on track with your diet

Let’s all be honest with ourselves, maintaining a healthy diet for an entire lifetime is difficult. You will likely fall out of routine every now and then! See this week’s trainer’s tips for how to get back on the horse – with bonus recipe!

Don’t Leave Yourself High and Dry: Get enough water in the winter

People often worry about gaining weight in the winter. However, an increased risk of dehydration likely poses a greater threat to your health during the cold months than any extra poundage you may put on. See this week’s trainer’s tips for how to improve your water intake during wintertime.