Starting your day from the Center: Mindfulness for daily anxiety management

Every human being is capable of experiencing anxiety. However, does daily anxiety ever get difficult to cope with? As seasonal depression sets in, it’s easy to get caught up in our daily anxieties. See this week’s trainer’s tips for a daily routine you can use to help you cope!

When Self Discipline Becomes Punishment: Are you being too hard on yourself?

Healthy habit building and living a fit lifestyle takes dedication, it takes discipline. But do you ever take it too far? It’s easy to be hard on yourself when you feel like you’ve failed. See the trainer’s tips this week for how to recognize when you’re being too hard on yourself.

Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail: Setting yourself up for success on those cold, dark winter mornings

Getting up in the morning is much more difficult during the winter. Cold temperatures and fewer hours of daylight make getting out of a warm, comfortable bed especially painful. See this week’s trainer’s tips for advice on how to streamline your mornings for success this winter!

Don’t Fall for Fads: It’s time to break out of the diet culture shame cycle

Diet culture is everywhere. Commercials, billboards, dialogue in movies and TV shows, magazines; pretty much any media you can think of has a hand in perpetuating toxic narratives about weight and fitness. Fad diets make achieving our fitness goals seem so easy, it feels too good to be true. Our newsletter this week is dedicated to showing you that’s exactly what they are.

Gains Over Losses: Setting goals that are good for your body

One of the most common fitness goals is weight loss. However, have you ever thought of the psychological impact of approaching fitness with a deficit mentality? How we frame our fitness goals impacts our motivation to reach them. See this week for trainer’s tips on how to set goals you’ll want to reach.

Comfort Food and Your Body: It’s ok to gain a little weight this winter

When the weather gets cold, we typically like to eat and drink things that will warm us up. Follow this week’s trainer’s tips for how to embrace your natural rhythm this winter, without forgetting your fitness goals!

Embracing Discomfort to Achieve Growth: Your goals live outside of your comfort zone

Have you ever hit a plateau while working towards your fitness goals? As we work towards our goals, our body becomes stronger and more capable. See this week’s trainer’s tips for ways to keep challenging yourself.

Sweater Weather: Preparing your mind and body for winter

It is natural for your energy to change with the seasons. Staying self aware this winter will help you adapt your fitness and mental health goals along with it!

Starting Over: Bouncing back from trauma to your body and mind

Experiencing physical or mental trauma can change everything. Oftentimes when this happens, the best choice for us is to slow down and restructure. This can be frustrating when you’re working on your fitness goals! See the trainer’s tips this week for why starting over might be the best choice.

Meatless Diets Aren’t Healthier Unless You Also Eat Healthy: The importance of balance

A common misconception about meatless diets is that they’re automatically healthier than diets that include meat. The key to a successful plant-based lifestyle is balance and healthy habit-forming. We discuss what that looks like in your trainer’s tips this week!