It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint: Getting back on track with your diet

Let’s all be honest with ourselves, maintaining a healthy diet for an entire lifetime is difficult. You will likely fall out of routine every now and then! See this week’s trainer’s tips for how to get back on the horse – with bonus recipe!

Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail: Setting yourself up for success on those cold, dark winter mornings

Getting up in the morning is much more difficult during the winter. Cold temperatures and fewer hours of daylight make getting out of a warm, comfortable bed especially painful. See this week’s trainer’s tips for advice on how to streamline your mornings for success this winter!

Comfort Food and Your Body: It’s ok to gain a little weight this winter

When the weather gets cold, we typically like to eat and drink things that will warm us up. Follow this week’s trainer’s tips for how to embrace your natural rhythm this winter, without forgetting your fitness goals!

Starting Over: Bouncing back from trauma to your body and mind

Experiencing physical or mental trauma can change everything. Oftentimes when this happens, the best choice for us is to slow down and restructure. This can be frustrating when you’re working on your fitness goals! See the trainer’s tips this week for why starting over might be the best choice.

Meatless Diets Aren’t Healthier Unless You Also Eat Healthy: The importance of balance

A common misconception about meatless diets is that they’re automatically healthier than diets that include meat. The key to a successful plant-based lifestyle is balance and healthy habit-forming. We discuss what that looks like in your trainer’s tips this week!

Wrist Game Strong: Why your wrists need more love than you’re giving them

Your wrists are an underrated, but invaluable, muscle group for achieving your fitness goals. No one can afford for a wrist injury to throw off their routine. See this week’s trainer’s tips for maintaining strong and healthy wrists.

Keep it Simple: Rethinking our approach to maintaining a healthy diet

The time and effort it takes to prepare fresh meals can be major roadblocks to maintaining a healthy diet. Rethinking your approach to preparing meal can simplify your eating habits without sacrificing nutrition.

There is No Way to ‘Ruin’ a Salad: You don’t have to be perfect to nourish your body

Have you ever heard someone say that using heavy dressing “ruins” a salad? Do you force yourself to buy the tasteless, low-fat ranch out of calorie-guilt? Hopefully this week’s recipe will inspire you to think less and enjoy your food more.

When You Still Don’t Like Eating Your Veggies as an Adult: A smoothie recipe

I’ve always regarded with suspicion anyone who claims fruit masks the taste of greens when you put them in a smoothie. This week’s recipe, however, proved me wrong.