It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint: Getting back on track with your diet

Let’s all be honest with ourselves, maintaining a healthy diet for an entire lifetime is difficult. You will likely fall out of routine every now and then! See this week’s trainer’s tips for how to get back on the horse – with bonus recipe!

Don’t Leave Yourself High and Dry: Get enough water in the winter

People often worry about gaining weight in the winter. However, an increased risk of dehydration likely poses a greater threat to your health during the cold months than any extra poundage you may put on. See this week’s trainer’s tips for how to improve your water intake during wintertime.

The Season of Thanks: Showing gratitude for your body this Thanksgiving

For those who celebrate Thanksgiving here in the States, we see it as a time to express gratitude, catch up with loved ones, and eat lots of food. An unfortunate side product of these cherished traditions, however, is the diet culture shame we bring with us to Thanksgiving Dinner.