Every Body can be a ‘Bikini Body:” Don’t let the body shamers win this summer

TDB Fitness Newsletter 4/10/2022

Not everyone has to feel comfortable in a bikini. However, if showing skin on the beach makes you feel good – you have the right to do it! The diet industry ramps up their marketing as the weather gets warm. In this week’s newsletter we remind you to listen to yourself first!

Wear Whatever You Want

It is natural for all of us to feel self conscious every now and then. Wearing new things or pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone can feel vulnerable. However, too many people approach that feeling of vulnerability, or anxiety, and take it as a sign they need to stop. Or that they’re doing something wrong. That’s not always the case.

Take the example of wearing a bikini, or otherwise revealing bathing suit at the beach in the summertime. Our diet culture conditions us to believe only certain types of bodies are worthy of dubbing “bikini bodies.” Diet and weight loss brands actually use that vocabulary to shame people into purchasing their products in order to feel worthy of wearing their dream bathing suit. The “bikini body” however, is a myth. If you have a body, you can wear a bikini – if a bikini is what you want.

So, if you try on a new bathing suit you absolutely love but feel like it isn’t right for you, do some reflection about why. Maybe you legitimately don’t love how the bathing suit looks on you. That’s possible and totally legit! However, if you love how you look in it, don’t let diet culture shame keep you from flaunting it at the beach this summer.

Or, if you try on a new bathing suit and don’t love how it looks on you, maybe you’re wearing the wrong size. It’s possible your weight fluctuated up or down since last summer. Having to go up or down a size has no direct effect on your value as a person. Our diet culture also makes us believe that weight and size are the most important indicators of our fitness. When actually, your weight and size are only small threads within a much larger tapestry of factors that make up your physical and emotional “fitness.”

The secret is, your level of overall attractiveness is at actually at its highest when you feel your best. Whether it’s with physical fitness or fashion; if you feel good, you look good. When judging whether you “look good” in what you’re wearing, why not think about how you feel instead? Do you feel physically comfortable? Do you feel empowered? Sexy? Silly? Your feelings impact your physical appearance much more directly than the size of the clothing you’re wearing, or the number on the scale. The increase in confidence that comes with feeling good draws people to you like a magnet; regardless of if you fit into society’s status quo or not.

You’ll see a lot of specific marketing over the next few months — if you’re not already seeing it. That marketing will tell you that purchasing certain things to help you drop weight fast will give you the body you want this summer. Remember – there’s no tradesies. Regardless of what you want, you get one body. Is it worth punishing the only body you have with shame and restriction in order to attain a status quo that may not even be possible for you? That likely doesn’t feel good. So if you want to look good this summer, start with listening to your body. The better you feel in your body, your clothing, your bathing suit — the better you’re going to look!

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