New Year, Same You: Taking 2022 one day at a time

TDB Fitness Newsletter 1/2/2022

New Years is a great opportunity to energetically wipe the slate clean and set intentions for a new chapter. New Years, however, does not magically transport us into a new reality. See this week’s trainer’s tips for how to stay grounded during resolution season this year.

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Resolution Madness!

Vinnie and I have been working out together since 2012. Until the pandemic hit in 2020, most of that working out was done in a local gym to wherever we lived at the time. A pattern we remark on every year: the gym gets really busy and hectic between January and April. Then, general gym attendance falls off extraordinarily, and the same regulars are left behind for the rest of the year.

We refer to those who don’t stick around as the “resolutionists.” Diet culture likes to capitalize on our overindulgence during the holidays to shame us into feeling like our bodies aren’t good enough. Our cultural practice of setting New Years resolutions – aka grandiose declarative statements of ways we’re going to radically change our lives during the new year – creates a cycle of failed fitness journeys you can literally see in gym attendance throughout the year.

Why don’t New Years resolutions work? Because, we already know that lifestyle changes take consistent, conscious habit forming. New routines you start on January 1st that radically change the lifestyle you were living on December 31st aren’t sustainable. You will get burnt out by the stresses of life that never stop piling up. You will revert back to old habits that are much easier to sustain, albeit unhealthy for you. You will stop going to the gym. 

So, how do we embrace the “starting over” spirit of New Years without pushing ourselves too hard?

  • Set S.M.A.R.T goals. Not every fitness goal is right for every body. If physical fitness is on your mind this New Years, start by listening to your body first. Set goals that are appropriate and sustainable for your lifestyle.
  • Be flexible. In 2021 I started a practice of writing monthly intentions rather than New Years Resolutions. I engaged in a process of re-examining my goals at the beginning of every month and assessing if they were still right or me. We are constantly evolving as humans. Sometimes we don’t find out a goal is inappropriate for us until we start working towards it. It is ok to scrap your goals and start over on a different one. You literally have the rest of your life to refine your fitness routine. Shifting gears is not a failure!
  • Think positive. Remember, humans do not like depriving themselves. We really don’t like being told not to do things. I tested this out often while teaching middle school. For example, when a 12 year old runs full blast down a hallway and you shout “don’t run!” they will likely ignore you and continue on their way. However, if you change it to “walk please!” they are way more likely to slow it down. I don’t fully understand the psychology behind it, but it’s a thing. When setting goals, consider ways you can frame them around giving yourself things, adding to your life/diet, or building new skills. It’s much easier to stick to goals like these!
  • Build community around fitness. Find people who hold you lovingly accountable to your fitness routine, rather than shaming you into working out. Find a community that knows and values YOU, wants you to succeed, and makes you feel good about yourself on your fitness journey. It is much easier to workout when you love the people you workout with.

All in all, Vinnie and I hope 2022 brings health, joy, and love to all of you. Giving ourselves the opportunity to start fresh in any aspect of our lives is important for our mental and physical health. Also remember, we’re entering year 3 of an international pandemic, on top of all the regular stresses of life. Let’s stay mindful this year, and take 2022 one day at a time. Your Team will have your back!

Team Announcements


Vinnie and I reexamined some of our goals for TDBFitness! We’ve decided to try out a new schedule for LIVE virtual workouts. We will post a link to LIVE virtual workout in the private Facebook Group as usual, 5 days a week at 10:30a EDT/EST. Those lives will take place every morning Monday through Friday. This will leave Saturdays open to create opportunities for events and in-person workout classes.


In 2022, you’ll be spending your Wednesday mornings with Renea. Your Wednesday workout will now be a 30 minute core/mobility fusion flow. Looking forward to hitting the mat with you!

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