Everything is a Process: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through the ups and downs

TDB Fitness Newsletter 12/19/2021

It isn’t always easy to get your workout in when you’re under stress. Emotional turbulence can make it difficult to maintain a regular fitness routine. However, is the fitness routine always the most important thing? This week we reconsider our definition of wellness.

Photo by Min An from Pexels

The Many Dimensions of Wellness

We talk a lot about “holistic fitness” and fitness beyond the workout, but what does that mean? Beyond healthy habit building, beyond getting your sweat in every day, beyond what you see when you look in the mirror; what does it mean to actually be “fit?”

On Team Di Bella Fitness, we consider a fit lifestyle to include wellness in every aspect of your life. We believe that you’re not really “fit” unless you’re acknowledging and holding space for fulfilling all your needs; physical and emotional. Holistic fitness, to us, includes: accessing joy as often as possible, getting good sleep, eating well, feeling fulfilled rather than deprived, maintaining healthy relationships, listening and responding to your body, feeling good about yourself, and maintaining a healthy range of movement.

This time of year is difficult for a lot of people. The days are short and cold, here in Michigan the sky has been grey for weeks already. Seasonal affective disorder, aka seasonal depression, really starts to set in. As a consequence, we’ve noticed many people “fall off” their fitness routine around this time of year. And we’re here to tell you that’s ok!

In our opinion, a fitness routine isn’t worth it if you’re sacrificing your wellbeing to stick with it. It is ok for your goals and habits around fitness to change over time, depending on your needs for your lifestyle. If forcing yourself to workout is adding stress to your life, then modify. Listen to yourself, listen to your body, and act accordingly. Then, when things level out again and you’re ready to kick your fitness routine back into gear- that’s what we’re here for!

As this year comes to an end, I can’t help but reflect on how challenging 2021 was for most people I know. We’re still in the midst of an international pandemic on top of all the regular holiday stress and seasonal depression. As we slide into 2022, we encourage you to stop and take stock of what’s going on in your life. What do you have control of and what do you need to accept or let go? How can you adjust your goals for 2022 to accommodate your realistic needs in our present context?

If you need someone to talk it out with, your Team has your back!

Team Announcements


We are canceling our live workouts on Friday December 24 and Saturday December 25 because we celebrate Christmas! Have a good weekend and, if you celebrate, Merry Christmas!


A new year approaches! This is a great time of year to reconsider our old goals and make new ones. If you haven’t taken a fitness test or checked in with Vinnie recently, make sure you do ASAP! Let’s start this new year strong!

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