Embracing Discomfort to Achieve Growth: Your goals live outside of your comfort zone

TDB Fitness Newsletter 10/10/2021

Have you ever hit a plateau while working towards your fitness goals? As we work towards our goals, our body becomes stronger and more capable. See this week’s trainer’s tips for ways to keep challenging yourself.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Tip of the week:

Keep it Challenging

If you’re comfortable, you’re not growing. This is true for everything in your life. Our brain is designed to build habits. When we build habits, life processes become easier and require less brain power and energy to complete.

However, when you’re trying to grow towards a goal, we have to fight against this instinct. When your fitness routine becomes a habit, when your muscle memory kicks in, when things start to feel “easy” or “routine-” that’s the time to switch it up.

Modifying up!

With anything we’re trying to learn, humans really only grow when they’re uncomfortable. We need to challenge ourselves in order to level up. You know how Vinnie will often show you exercise modifications to make them easier? Well, luckily, every exercise has modifications to make it more challenging. If you feel like you’ve been plateauing lately, the video above is for you!

“Growth Mindset”

“Growth mindset” and “fixed mindset” became popular buzzwords while I was teaching middle school. Growth mindset essentially refers to a paradigm where hard work, an open mind, encouragement, and a belief in yourself will help you succeed at anything you try. Whereas fixed mindset refers to the opposite; believing that humans are born either with or without the ability to do certain things, and no amount of effort will change that. In school, we taught our students to adopt a growth mindset. We wanted to encourage our students to persist through that layer of discomfort sitting between them and their growth.

For the most part, adopting a growth mindset works. Oftentimes, our thoughts about ourselves hold us back from achieving the kind of growth we want. I’ve written about negative self talk in previous editions of this newsletter. However, it’s not a perfect system. When considering success within institutions, having a “growth” mindset fails to address biases and other human factors that may hold people back. For example, studies actually show that in K-12 education, teacher belief in the ability of a student to succeed is a more important indicator of student success than student mindset (and that can be impacted by all kinds of things).

In the context of fitness, someone’s genetics and history of trauma can keep them from achieving certain goals. Especially if they base their fitness goals on looks – as “healthy” looks different on everybody and every body. So, when considering what kind of mindset to adopt in regards to your fitness goals, getting to know yourself and your body is the best place to start! Set realistic goals for yourself based on what your body needs rather than what society tells you it should look like. Approach every obstacle based on how your body needs, not based on any standard set by others.

In order to achieve any fitness goal you set, your brain and body have to work together to support you. Your mindset is very important; if you don’t believe you can achieve your goals, you won’t. However, knowing and loving your body is equally as important. Therefore, self awareness, mindfulness, as well as a growth mindset create a powerful combination. Team Di Bella Fitness already believes in you; believe in yourself and you could be unstoppable.

Team Announcements

Freebie Friday

Our next Freebie Friday will take place this Friday October 15, 2021. At 6pm EST, Vinnie will post a link to a Youtube livestream in the public Facebook page. This will be a full body workout – meaning our Saturday workout this week will be a leg day. Feel free to share with anyone who would enjoy a good workout!


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Got Tea?

Renea’s a really good person to talk to — it’s part of what made her an effective middle school teacher. She’s good at listening, asking pointed questions, and giving gentle feedback.

Have something you need to get off your chest? You now have the opportunity to Spill the Tea With Renea… Watch our social media this week, and you’ll learn how to take advantage of one on one vent sessions with Renea.

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