Mobility v. Flexibility v. Stability: The difference between them, and why your body needs all 3

TDB Fitness Newsletter 9/5/2021

Holistic fitness encapsulates more than weight loss and strength training. Stability, mobility, and flexibility are important aspects of your fitness routine; know the difference!

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Mobility v. Flexibility v. Stability

Do you ever find it difficult or painful to move in a certain way? If so, the joints and muscles in that area of your body could possibly benefit from mobility, flexibility, or stability training. Or possibly all three!

When we use these three terms, we’re talking specifically about how your body moves. Fitness is about more than your looks. Living a healthy lifestyle means feeling good in your body. It means keeping your body moving at peak performance for as long as possible.

So, what’s the difference? Mobility, flexibility, and stability movements each target a different aspect of how your soft tissues, muscles, joints, ligaments, etc move. Mobility has to do with range of motion, flexibility with how your tissues stretch, and stability with the strength of the muscles holding your joints in place so they can move safely.

Watch Vinnie demonstrate targeted moves for hip flexibility, stability, and mobility.

Suffice it to say, that humans need to work on all three of these things in order to keep our bodies healthy and fit. A healthy workout regime incorporates mobility, flexibility, and stability exercises for every area of your body.

The more you understand about your body and the way it moves, the better you will understand what it needs to improve. If you’re having pain in a specific area, consider what the muscles, joints, and tissues in the area are doing. Use what is going on in your body as a starting point for setting your goals, and consider mobility, flexibility, and stability training in order to help you reach them.

Team Announcements

Outdoor workout September

Saturday September 18, 2021 will be our next outdoor bootcamp workout at ITC Sports Park in Novi, MI. Invite anyone you think would benefit from joining the Team!

Labor Day Workout Canceled

Workout canceled Monday 9/6/21 in honor of Labor Day! Enjoy your day off with some light cardio, or spending time with your loved ones. We’ll see you on Tuesday, Team!

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