Wrist Game Strong: Why your wrists need more love than you’re giving them

TDB Fitness Newsletter 8/8/2021

Your wrists are an underrated, but invaluable, muscle group for achieving your fitness goals. No one can afford for a wrist injury to throw off their routine. See this week’s trainer’s tips for maintaining strong and healthy wrists.

Tip of the week:

Wrist health

For those who have them, strong wrists are an essential tool for helping you achieve the rest of your fitness goals. Many exercises indirectly rely on your wrists to carry your body weight, provide support, assist in mobility, etc. Paying closer attention to your wrist health is one easy way to make your fitness journey smoother.

Keep your wrists strong and healthy by trying the following:

  • Consider your form. Make sure your wrists are in the strongest positioning for each exercise you do. We’ve said it before: good form reduces risk of injury and maximizes the benefit of every exercise. That goes for you wrists too!
  • Stretch your wrists every day. We are constantly using our hands.This means we’re constantly using our wrists as well. The lifestyle we live actually puts a lot of pressure on our wrists.
Targeted wrist stretches to use every day! (Move along with Vinnie in the video)

Writing, typing on a phone or computer, pretty much any sustained or repetitive hand movements; all effect your wrists just as much as your workout. Stretching often throughout the day helps you maintain muscle mobility and prevent injury. See the video for targeted wrist stretches you can use throughout the day.

  • Be mindful. If you’ve ever “pushed through” wrist pain to complete your workout, this one’s for you. We talk about mindfulness often here at TDBFit. The closer you pay attention to how you’re using your wrists, the healthier they’ll be. Mindfulness can help you with form. Being mindful can also help you judge if your wrists are asking you to rest for the day, rather than working out.

Goal Setting/Check ins

A few months ago, we worked with our Teammates to set S.M.A.R.T. goals to guide their fitness journeys. Goal-setting is an important part of any journey, as it focuses your efforts on an attainable target. Setting your goals, however, is just the beginning!

This week TDBFit will start scheduling individual appointments with each of our Teammates to check in on your progress towards your goals. Have you met your goal? Are you progressing towards it? How can we help challenge you? Are your original goals still appropriate for your individual fitness journey? How can we change your goals to make them more appropriate? Meetings like these enable us to make sure you’re getting the results you want out of the Team!

In order to set up a “Goal Check-in,” visit the goal setting page on our website. Watch the video and complete the fitness test again — make sure you record your results! Then sign up to schedule an appointment to check in with the Team.

New to the Team? Read our original newsletter on goal setting to start the process for yourself today.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Team Announcements


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Outdoor Workout

Saturday August 14, 2021 will be our next outdoor bootcamp workout at ITC Sports Park in Novi, MI at 9am– we want this to be a big one y’all! Invite anyone you think would benefit from joining the Team!

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