Rolling with the Punches: Flexibility beyond fitness

TDB Fitness Newsletter 8/1/2021

It was a rough week in the Di Bella household. In this week’s newsletter, we discuss what it takes to persevere through unexpected hardship.

The pile of brush we had to clear once we finally got all the broken branches cut down.

Tip of the week:


On Tuesday, Vinnie and I had a date night. We went to Detroit Shipping Co for dinner and drinks. When we arrived home, we found a dark house and caution tape up around our yard. The note on our front door from DTE said a tree had fallen and pulled our power line down from our house. Apparently our neighbor had seen the house sparking and called it in.

With all the gratitude in the world for neighbors who care — Vinnie and I spent the rest of our week dealing with this new development in homeownership. We both work from home; electricity is non-negotiable for our livelihood at this point.

Without the ability to wait for overloaded tree services to have time in their schedule for us, Vinnie and I cleared our schedule for the week so we could set about clearing the fallen tree from our yard. My dad came out with his chainsaw, and the three of us spent Wednesday doing yard work. The next few days, we sat in the humid Michigan-in-July stew pot that was once our living room while we waited for DTE to restore our power.

I’ve dedicated this week’s newsletter to this anecdote because it taught us an important lesson in resiliency. We do not like canceling workouts. We do not like feeling like we’re letting our Team down — even when it’s due to circumstances outside of our control. However, had we allowed ourselves to get stuck in the negative mentality of the cosmic unfairness of adulthood, our power would probably still be out.

I’m talking about resilience. Resilience is essentially your ability to cope with adversity. When you are resilient, you process through hardships and react to them appropriately. When you are resilient, you understand that negative self-talk and “woe is me” mentality won’t fix your problems — and you fix them yourself.

Let me be clear, resilience is NOT just “sucking it up” and “pushing through.” The way we’re culturally conditioned to deal with hardship is to ignore it. Pretend it’s not happening and conduct life as normal. This mentality is super common, it is also toxic. Ignoring your emotions allows them to pile up until you break down. When you’re resilient, you acknowledge your emotions. You give yourself space to process your emotions. You acknowledge their validity. You choose to act to fix your problem anyway.

On Tuesday night, once we fully understood the immensity of the task in front of us, Vinnie and I both had our moments. He excused himself to a different room, so I’m not sure what the emotional outpouring looked like for him. I cried in the fetal position on my kitchen floor 10 minutes.

Once we got the emotion out, we rolled up our sleeves, made a plan, and started with step 1. Five days later, our power is back on and we’re looking at starting a week set to go just as smoothly as any where our trees in our backyard stay perfectly intact. Thank you to our Team, and my dad, for support during our week from Hell. Let’s make this next one a good one!

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Outdoor Workout

Saturday August 14, 2021 will be our next outdoor bootcamp workout. Location TBD – we want this to be a big one y’all! Invite anyone you think would benefit from joining the Team!

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