Tell Your Knees ‘I (k)need you:” Trainer’s tips for proper lunge form

TDB Fitness Newsletter 6/13/2021

We’re talking about form again this week! Why? Because good form helps you maximize results and avoid injury. Let’s work on our lunges.

Tip of the week:

Lunge form

Our knees are important. If you have ever suffered a knee injury, you know what I mean. Standing folks expect our knees to carry the weight of the world with us as we travel around throughout the course of the day. Lunges are a wonderful exercise because, done properly, they can strengthen those knees. However, use poor form and you put yourself at risk of serious injury.

We’ve discussed form in our newsletter before. Using proper form is important because it protects your body from injury. Good form also ensures you get maximum benefits from each exercise.

In this video, Vinnie walks you through proper lunge form.

Vinnie and I want you to have healthy knees that’ll carry you into your old age. That journey starts with proper lunge form.

See the video above for a demonstration on proper lunge form! (includes modifications)

Food for Thought:

The lost art of giving ourselves grace

If you joined us for our Saturday morning workout this week, we talked a lot about giving ourselves grace. Giving yourself grace essentially means being kind to yourself — even in the face of mistakes or less-than-perfect performance. Engaging in negative self talk is a common habit. Many people are hard on themselves when they fail to meet expectations; be it their own or that of others. However, when we engage in negative self talk, we actually make it less likely we will be successful in the long run.

How you talk to yourself matters. It impacts how you feel about yourself, as well as the types of opportunities you allow yourself to pursue. Many mental health therapists will have you compare the way you talk to yourself to the way you talk to a loved one. If you wouldn’t tell your best friend they were a failure for missing a workout, why would you tell yourself that? If you wouldn’t be disappointed in your partner for doing the modified exercise after a bad night’s sleep, why would you be disappointed in yourself?

Being intentional about giving yourself grace is one way to help disrupt these negative thought patterns. Next time you notice you’re being really hard on yourself in your thoughts, stop yourself. I know that was a weird sentence; essentially I’m referring to metacognitive reflection. Engaging in metacognitive reflection means you’re spending time thinking about your own thinking.

When we think about our thinking, we are able to identify patterns and habits in our thoughts. Once you identify those habits, you can disrupt them. If you notice yourself having negative thoughts every time you miss a workout, you then have the power to reframe those thoughts. You can choose to be intentionally kinder to yourself. You can choose to give yourself grace.

Next time you have a negative thought or feeling about yourself, pause for a moment. Ask yourself whether that thought is actually true or not. Think about how you would talk to your best friend if they were in the same situation. And choose to give yourself grace.

Team Announcements

June Happy Hour

Join us Thursday June 17 at 7pm for an evening workout followed by cocktail hour. As always, find the workout at the Youtube link in our private Facebook Group. Then we will post a Zoom link for the cocktail hour afterwards. 21+ only. Hope to see you there!

Outdoor Workout

Saturday June 19 at 9am meet us at ITC sports park in Novi, MI for our first in-person workout! Bring water, sunscreen, a lawn chair, and a friend or family member interested in getting a good workout. Hope to see you there!

Goal Check-Ins

How have you been doing? Do you feel like you’re progressing towards those SMART goals you set back in March? What more can the Team do for you to help you reach your goals? Vinnie will be reaching out to each of our teammates soon to check in on your progress.

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