Power Couple: When your Team has your back

TDB Fitness Newsletter 5/30/2021

Today is our 6th wedding anniversary! To celebrate we’re sharing some insight into what makes our marriage and business relationship work. This week we also include a FREE partner workout.

Renea and Vinnie started dating in 2010, started working out together in 2012, got married in 2015, and started looking alike in 2020. Their 6th wedding anniversary is 5/30/21.

Tip of the week:

Teamwork really does make the dream work

Vinnie and I met in 2010. We were in college. On the night we met Vinnie spilled a full beer over my head. Luckily we both thought it was funny, and it became obvious early on that we made a good team.

We are different from one another in most ways, yet we seem to balance each other out. Together we have: graduated college, gotten married, moved several times, adopted 3 animals, traveled, bought a house, changed careers, supported me through grad school, renovated the house, survived a mental breakdown, survived an international pandemic, and started a small business. I was 19 to his 21 when we met, so we basically grew up together through our chaotic 20s.

Our relationship is not perfect, we work consciously at communication every day. At its core though, our partnership helps each of us grow and reach our goals as individuals. We believe in building on the strengths each one of us brings to the table. We believe in picking up the mantle when the other can’t carry it anymore. Our partnership is the core of everything we do with Team Di Bella Fitness.

Vinnie and I taught each other the power of working as a team. We developed a lifestyle based on community accountability and support. And, when we started TDBFit, it was with the goal in mind of extending our family.

Vinnie and I have helped each other reach our own fitness and mental health goals. And now we’re fortunate enough to have built a growing network of Teammates who are working together to do the same.

With Team Di Bella Fitness, Vinnie and I have had a lot of fun bringing our community into our home for daily virtual workouts. I was able to get my own personal fitness routine back on track, as my Teammates encouraged me to keep coming to the daily live workouts. We’ve stayed in touch with our Teammates virtually for both individual goal check-ins and post-evening workout cocktail hours. And we’re excited to add more in-person opportunities than ever, as we are now fully vaccinated!

Team Di Bella Fitness is a direct manifestation of the love and support Vinnie and I have built in our partnership. Reflecting on our anniversary this year, it felt natural to think about our Team, and how grateful we feel for our Teammates. To show our gratitude we’ve established a 30 day discount when you sign up for a new level 2 package. Scroll down for details.

Enjoy a free partner workout above!

Food for Thought:

Health-centered lives

One of the characteristics that makes our partnership so strong is my and Vinnie’s dedication to health. We live in a society and economy that puts money at the top of most of our priority lists. Why do you wake up every morning? Is it because you’re ready to open your eyes and warm up your brain for another day? Or is it for work? When money is our priority, we tend to put work before anything else. While teaching I worked through my lunches most days. I had to train my bladder to go without bathroom access for many hours at a time. I graded papers late into the night, and woke up early to lesson plan. I also ended up burning out, suffering a mental breakdown, and nearly losing my life.

Now, to be fair I’m an extreme case; mental illness is obviously a factor for me. But I still think there’s a lesson here. I understand we can’t really avoid having to wake up for work. We do, however, have the power to choose where we prioritize our energy and set boundaries throughout the day. Vinnie and my first priority every day is our own physical and mental health; knowing we can rely on each other to help fulfill our needs if we could use some extra help. The key is, once our emotional and physical needs are met, we move onto the rest of our list. However if they aren’t; then we don’t.

Sometimes that means we rearrange our day. Sometimes it means we spend the day together. Sometimes it means we spend the day apart. Sometimes, when we can’t avoid going to work (or being on camera for a live workout), we rely on each other and our Team to encourage us through to the finish line. The point is, we are happier in our lives and more satisfied in our relationship when both of us are healthy. And everything gets better as a result — including our work performance!

Engaging in holistic fitness, both together and separately, is one way we prioritize health in our relationship. Vinnie and I both struggle with anxiety and have felt the pressure of diet culture on our self esteem. We therefore made holistic health and balance key features of our fitness lives as well as our diets. How we feel, rather than the number on the scale, is how we seek to measure fitness.

We also invest seriously in mental health. We have both sought therapy as individuals at different times in our lives based on different needs. We communicate honestly and openly about how we feel (using “I…” statements and everything). And we do our best to validate each other, while taking nothing personally.

If you’re a regular reader, you may have already realized the newsletter I write every week reflects my and Vinnie’s unique lifestyle philosophy. We’ve cherished the opportunity to share some of our ideas around health and wellness with a wider community. We are always seeking more education, new challenges, and fresh ideas; and regard every new member we add to the Team as an opportunity to expand in more ways than one. Thank you for continuing to share in our story. See more about joining our Team here.

Team Announcements

Happy Memorial Day – LIVE Canceled

Our regular Monday LIVE workout is canceled Monday 5/31/21 in honor of Memorial Day. Try some active rest outside today instead!

Freebie Fridays

Friday June 11, 2021 TDBFit will post another FREE workout to our Facebook page! That week we will swap Friday and Saturday’s workouts. Therefore, 6/11 will be a full body workout, and 6/12 will be leg day. Please share our Facebook page with anyone you think may be interested in trying out a free workout!

Outdoor Workout

Join us Saturday June 19, 2021 at 9:00a for our first in-person, outdoor workout! Location still to be determined…

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  1. Happy Anniversary you two! 🥂Love the pics. Vinnie – I like you with short hair – sorry. Have a great day!


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