How To Get Swole on Vacation: Don’t!

TDB Fitness Newsletter 4/25/2021

How many of you plan on hitting the hotel gym while on vacation, but never do? Do you ever overindulge on vacation – and then regret it after? We’re here to tell you to let it go! It’s ok to take a vacation from your fitness routine too!

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Tip of the week:

Take a REAL Vacation

Happy Sunday from sunny Florida! Since we’re on vacation we decided to keep this week’s newsletter short and sweet. This week we’re dedicating this space to the importance of allowing yourself real breaks.

I’m going to be honest, Vinnie and I overindulge on vacation. We don’t do workouts. We don’t try too hard to eat healthy. We don’t think about work, or chores, or our fitness goals. And I’m here to tell you, that’s ok!

When you go on vacation, I encourage you to take a real vacation. From everything. The purpose of taking a vacation is rest, relaxation, and restoration. If, for you, that means continuing to engage in fitness — great! If it means forgetting about your fitness goals for the time being — also great!

Either way, Team Di Bella will be here for you when you return to help you jump back into your fitness regime. Try to avoid beating yourself up if you backtrack on your progress towards your goals a little during vacay. What purpose does negative self talk serve? Even if you take a couple steps backward on your progress towards your goals, I can guarantee we’ll still see you through to that finish line regardless. When you spend time and money to go on vacation, you deserve a real vacation. So enjoy it!

I know we’re enjoying ours! See you next week, Team.

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