Fitness Beyond the Workout: The benefits of adding self care into your routine

TDB Fitness Newsletter 4/11/2021

What images come to mind when you read the word “fitness?” What does “being fit” mean to you? Our conversations about fitness don’t often include basic self care, and we think they should!

Tip of the week:

Self Care

“Self care” refers to any activity you engage in for the purpose of meeting your own emotional and physical needs. Exercise can be one type of self care; but when we say “fitness,” we’re talking about so much more than your workout. On Team Di Bella, “fitness” means living a holistically healthy and happy life. It means feeling good. It means taking care of yourself!

With the constant demands of careers and families it can be difficult to set aside time for self care. However, when we neglect our own physical and emotional needs for the sake others, our health suffers. When our physical or mental health suffers, our ability to support others and meet expectations also suffers.

This is your reminder to engage in some self care this week. Self care will look different for everyone, but here’s a few physical self care ideas:

  • Take a bath. I love baths. I take several baths a week. I’ve taken more than one bath in a day before. My favorite way to pamper myself is to set up the most relaxing bath scene possible (see the video for ideas). Add epsom salt to your bath to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and reduce stress levels.
Watch for examples
  • Icing. Inflammation in our body causes pain. Applying ice to a sore muscle or joint in 20 minutes on – 20 minutes off cycles can help reduce any inflammation and relieve pain.
  • Massage. Massages are relaxing and they’re good for you! Especially after all the work we put in during our workouts. Can’t get to a spa? There are several ways you can give yourself a massage and still get a lot of the same benefits. Vinnie recently bought us a massage gun. See the video for an example of how to use one of these game changers.
  • Stretch daily!
  • Skin Care. As we get older our skin changes. Skin care needs go beyond looks! The skin is the largest organ in the human body and it deserves love too. Wear sunscreen every day on at least your face, and ask a skin care professional how to pick out the proper skin care products for your skin.
See the video above for examples!

Food for Thought:

Self Care and Mental Health

Carving out time to focus on yourself is just as good for your mental health as it is your physical. The demands on our time and stigmas around mental health can make it difficult to prioritize our own emotional needs. Too often people think taking time to engage in hobbies or fun activities alone is selfish. I’m here to tell you it isn’t! I am not advocating you make choices with your time and money without considering those you will impact. However, if you’re as intentional about scheduling time for yourself as you are at scheduling sports practices for your kids or meetings for work, then you can’t really go wrong. When your emotional needs are met, you’re going to be better at meeting the emotional needs of others.

Need ideas? Here are a few ways you can spend self-care time to improve your mental health:

  • Engage in a hobby. Remember hobbies? Unfortunately as we get older we tend to spend less time on our hobbies. We often to talk ourselves out of doing things if they don’t feel productive. But productivity isn’t everything! You deserve joy too. Dig out those old golf clubs, dust off your knitting needs, grab your binoculars and bird book and hit the trails. Engaging in hobbies is great way to give yourself some care.
  • See a therapist. I truly believe every human being on Earth should see a therapist, whether they have a mental illness or not. It is just really helpful to have an objective professional to talk us through any stressor any one of us are likely to run across. Therapists help us improve relationships, balance time, achieve goals, handle stress, and process through hardships.
  • Get regular sleep. This is good for your mental and physical health. Our brain needs sleep. Carving out the time to get at least 8 hours of sleep every 24 hour cycle can help you prevent heart disease and diabetes, cope with stress, think clearly, perform better at tasks, and improve your mood. If you can’t get 8 hours at a time, consider napping throughout the day!
  • Do something mindless. Color in a coloring book, iron some clothes, lay on a blanket in the sunshine and watch for interestingly-shaped clouds, meditate. These are examples of activities where you can shut off your brain and focus on one simple movement or detail. Activities like this allow your brain to relax and reboot. They give your brain a little vacation and allow it to restore its capacity for problem solving and critical thinking later on.

When you spend a little bit of time every week focusing on fulfilling your own needs, it improves your mood and overall mental health. With a good mood and positive mental health, you are more likely to successfully operate at your full potential in anything you do. Regular self care is an essential part of engaging in fitness for a holistically healthy life.

Team Announcements

Team Di Bella on Vacay!

Thursday 4/22 Vinnie and I leave for Florida, returning the 27th. We will celebrate Vinnie’s 32nd birthday (4/23) on the beach! You’ll still be able to find your daily workouts on the Facebook group — we will pre-record them for the days we’re gone. Thanks in advance for your flexibility!

Facebook Page Launch

As of Thursday 3/25, we officially launched our public TDBFit Facebook Page! This page will host our newsletters, and any other free offerings we include in our programming moving forward. Feel free to invite anyone you think would be interested to like our page!

Discount Pricing

If you haven’t checked out our package offerings recently, see them here! We’ve added a discount pricing option for when you pay for 4 weeks of training at a time.

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