Getting Down About Your Push Up Form? Check in with this week’s trainer’s tips

TDB Fitness Newsletter 3/14/2021

We’re talking about form again this week! Why? Because good form helps you maximize results and avoid injury. So get ready to do some push ups.

Tip of the week:

Push up form

Does anyone else hate doing push ups? Like H-A-T-E them?

Well, I hate doing push ups. And I also have a habit or avoiding, or half-assing, things that I hate. The result being some fairly egregious push up form, when I could get myself to do them at all.

Well, if you remember who my partner is, you will know that this attitude towards push ups couldn’t last. To be fair, Vinnie has a point; using poor form when working out is actually unsafe.

In this video, Vinnie walks you through the fitness test.

So, as much as I hate being called out, and DOUBLE HATE having to do more push ups, I had to work on my form. Because, remember: good form makes your workout safer and maximizes the results of each move.

See the video above for a demonstration on proper push up form! (includes modifications)

Food for Thought:

Snacking and Portion Control

Apparently this week’s newsletter is devoted to all the things that make me salty. Portion control is definitely one of them. I love to eat. I don’t naturally love to set limitations on engaging in things I love to do. Therefore, maintaining a healthy diet is difficult for me. On one hand, I sincerely enjoy the healthy meals Vinnie so graciously supplies to me. On the other hand, I also sincerely enjoy binge eating really unhealthy food (you know how most people are “salty” or “sweet” people? Well, I’m a “yes, and…” kind of person).

Another reason Vinnie is great though, is he understands balance. Vinnie knows that expecting me to cut the crap out of my diet is a losing battle. Therefore he has taught me amazing things about portion control and snacking that I am using this week’s FFT section to pass along:

  • Learn what it feels like when your body is full. This seems really simple right? Unfortunately, we don’t listen to our bodies as often as it would serve us to do so. If we can notice when we’re full, and then use that as the signal to stop eating, portion control comes more naturally.
  • Drink water. We’ve said it before, we’ll probably say it again. Drink water. Sometimes when we’re snacking it’s actually because we’re dehydrated. If you’re properly hydrated your brain will have a better grasp on when you’re actually full.
  • Don’t beat yourself up. We all snack. Many of us have bad habits when it comes to snacking. I know I snack a lot when I’m bored. Some snack when they’re sad. Or stressed. Or happy. Once again, these are habits. Habits we have likely built over the course of a lifetime. Therefore, we can’t expect to change those habits overnight. Be kind to yourself when you miss a step as you work towards your goals. When you beat yourself up, the negative self talk actually just makes you more likely to quit!

Too many people think eating healthy means counting calories, buying diet plans, cutting carbohydrates, etc… And I’m not saying there isn’t benefits in those things (except for the diet plan thing…make a diet plan with a licensed nutritionist if you want. The fads don’t work long term). All I’m saying is sometimes we need to think less. Sometimes we need to cut out all the other voices and just listen to our body. Your body knows what it needs to feel its best. Trust it!

Team Announcements

Fitness + Community

Our favorite part of running Team Di Bella Fitness so far has been growing into a supportive community alongside our Teammates. We have loved getting to know everyone, on top of the super positive, supportive vibes in our Facebook group. We want to be able to see and hear from you more so we are planning a “spirit week” for the week of March 22nd! Get ready to dress up for your workouts and post pics to the group! More on themes in next week’s newsletter.

Referral Program

Refer your friends to TDB Fitness and receive a week of training 50% off.

All they have to do is give us your name when signing up for a new training package. (Receive one week of training at 50% off for each referral).

Let’s Set Some Goals!

If you haven’t had a chance to take your fitness test yet, see last week’s newsletter for instructions. The purpose of this test is to set a baseline measurement for your strength and endurance. Record your results here and set up a session with Vinnie here so he can help you write your S.M.A.R.T. goals and design a plan for achieving them!

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